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Corsi d'iconografia
Practical course of iconography in PDF
You can order the PRACTICAL ICONOGRAPHY COURSE in PDF format and the book: "Introduction to the contemplation of icons: The Transfiguration, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, with the comment of the Church Fathers". Download both files directly to your PC or Smatphone.
 Angelo Vaccarella
Let us learn to paint an icon
 (Quick manual of Iconography)

About 60 pages with hundreds of photos to accompany you, in a simple way, in the practical execution of an icon. This practical iconography course and all the others offered on this site are not intended to replace the indispensable figure of the master iconographer in the student's training path, but are intended to briefly and generally explain the wonderful world of the icon, so that the the pupil himself is stimulated to deepen this theological art.
To purchase and download the complete course to decorate an Easter candle, in PDF format directly on your PC, tablet or smartphone

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